DOBEL DIAMANTE: Perfect Clarity!

Made with 100% Pure Agave, this exceptional tequila is unique in its category; it has been formulated using a blend of Extra-Añejo, Añejo and Reposado tequilas. Despite classification as Reposado, it is unlike any other in its class. Maestro Dobel Diamante is completely clear.

It is the first multi-aged tequila aged using wood barrels that come from the Balkan Region of Eastern Europe. After extensive research into countless types of barrels, these barrels were chosen specifically for the unique flavors and aromas they impart. Our aim is to offer a smooth, balanced tequila created using 100% natural processes that give it a soft, yet robust agave flavor enhanced through notes of wood.
The result is a pleasant contrast in this crystal clear tequila.

Blue Agave Weber plants are grown on the best fields in the region of Tequila. Our expert jimadores select only the best agave plants once they have reached their prime to ensure they have the optimal physical characteristics and sugar content. These plants are only harvested between March
and July right before the rainy season.

Traditional masonry direct steam-heated ovens are used to cook the agave for a period of 36 hours. A 12-hour cooking period without any steam follows, maintaining the heat in the unopened oven. Afterwards, an air-cooling process takes place.

A traditional process is used with four mills.

Fermentation is a slow process that can last up to 72 hours. We use a specific type of yeast that has been selected, harvested and developed in our quality control laboratory following the strictest operational and hygienic conditions with careful monitoring by our technicians.

Distillation takes place through a traditional process using copper alembic stills. Maestro Dobel Añejo is distilled twice using a slow process to ensure purity. Our distillation process allows us to conserve all characteristics and compounds obtained during the fermentation process. The final product is very refined and has extraordinary pureness in terms of its sensory notes.

BARREL: New, White Oak barrels, from the Balkan region in Eastern Europe have been carefully selected for the aging process. The barrels undergo a roasting treatment so that, as the tequila comes into contact with them, it naturally takes on the desired characteristics and notes.
AGING: Blend of Reposado, Añejo and Extra-Añejo Tequilas.

The water used to make the tequila is extracted from natural springs fed by underground currents originating form the Tequila Volcano.

After the tequila has completed its aging process, it goes through another filtration which allows us to selectively remove the color, yet preserve the woody characteristics in taste and aroma associated with a Reposado.

Maestro Dobel Diamante

Tasting Card

COLOR: Bright, clear tequila with silver touches and exceptional body that comes form the high-quality agave
used to prepare it.
AROMA: An exceptional mix of aromas are released from the wood and agave including buttery notes, caramel, honey, maple, nutty and fruity notes, touches of cinnamon, almond and a slight hint of smokiness
TASTE: A complex mix of sweet flavors like caramel, honey, and maple, with nutty and vanilla flavors. The liquid has an indescribable smoothness and a long finish that leaves you wanting more.
SIP: Smooth taste with a light finish.