The company was founded in 1936, when Grandfather Luigi Cavo started his wine trading business: delivered by pushcarts alongboard of the ships, this precious nectar crossed the sea to reach far away places and enhance the tables of ocean liners sailing to distant destinations.


In 1965 the company passed into the hands of his son Carlo who, forerunning trends and times, had the intuition to include spirits amongst his items for sale and therefore expanded the market.

In 1995 he moved his operative headquarters to the innovative – at the time – Genoese commercial complex called Nuova Darsena.


In 2019 Cavo Luigi Company became Cavo Luigi Beverage Solutions Ltd., whose sole director is Luke Cavo: earlier in 2004 Luke had begun expanding the range of products by adding beers and champagne. In addition, during those years, Luke set in motion important collaborations with the main brand owners of the world, thus giving way to a significant internationalization process..


The company is currently in the midst of its digital transformation: it is therefore involved in the technological, cultural, organizational, social, creative and managerial renovations associated with the digital world. This process integrates and involves the entire business ecosystem, encouraging transparency, sharing and inclusion of all participants, including customers.


During our 83 years of activity spread over 3 generations, we have learned and adopted the principle that grandfather Luigi taught us all: to cope with the difficulties of an increasingly complex market, an appropriate administrative management and a solid and trustful relationship with customers and suppliers must be established and maintained.