Cavo Luigi Beverage Solutions is a wholesale company selling alcoholic beverages: we purchase directly from producers, distributors or brand owners, thus going to the origin of the production chain, to then resell the goods especially to the cruise channels, airports, as well as in duty free areas and military / diplomatic areas.

We offer a vast range of products to meet any type of wholesale purchase requirement: we boast a rich catalog of over 900 references quoting Liqueurs, aperitifs, beers, spirits and wine, with a particular verticalization on high-end and exclusive products, as champagne and cognac.



In order to respond to the increasingly complex needs of the market, in the last few years Cavo Luigi Beverage Solutions has made a further service available to its Customers, that is consultancy in the cruise sector.

Following audits and careful research and analysis, we guarantee extremely useful market information, to facilitate and correctly direct important business decisions.

We also organize specific training sessions for on-board sales personnel, in order to improve investments and achieve designated business objectives.


Logistic platform

Cavo Luigi Beverage Solutions integrates its range of services with an effective as well as useful logistic support for third party goods, providing storage and handling according to the owner’s necessities and requirements.

To date our warehouse in Genoa extends over 2000 square meters, correspondent to a 1800 pallet places capacity.

This service completes our offer to meet our customers’ needs and the demands of each phase of the supply chain.