Crafted to inspire consumers to taste life in a different way,

based on the Mediterranean values of Good Food, Warm Hospitality, Connecting with each other Appreciating Nature.

We Create Unique Flavors:
Distilled in an old fishing village in Spain our Gin uses Arbequina Olives, which provide a unique texture and savoury profile making it perfect for pairing with gastronomy.
Elaborated with a unique botanical base, each with Mediterranean origin: Arbequina Olives, Basil, Thyme and Rosemary.
Our Gin Mare and Tonic is best served over ice with a Garnish of rosemary and a twist of orange Paired with great food, friends and conversation.

The Mediterranean Gin

Our Original Gin Mare is crafted with a blend of single distillates of each of its botanicals.
This allows the master distiller to always deliver the same exceptional gin Gin Mare starts with a premium barley base with delicate maceration of between 36 48 hours.
An independent distillation process of each botanical is then crafted with our process finalised by our signature blending which allows the characteristics of each botanical to be expressed in the final liquid.

Tasting Notes: Aromatic, Savory, Herbal, Citrus
ABV: 42,7
Signature Serve: Gin Mare Tonic served over ice with a garnish of rosemary a twist of Orange.

A homage to the Italian island Capri

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the distillery, Gin Mare created a gift to all who long for the atmosphere of the Mediterranean: Gin Mare Capri.
At its heart, the natural flavours of our original gin but with the addition of Capris unique Lemon and Bergamot distillates capturing the essence of Mediterranean life.

Tasting notes: Citrus, Herbal, Fresh
ABV: 42,7
Signature Serve: Capri Lemonade – Gin Mare Capri, Tonic Water, Fresh Lemonade and a basil leaf garnish served over ice.

Quick Facts

  • The home of Gin Mare is an 18 th Century Chapel that houses a small custom made still with capacity of only 250 litres per batch.
  • Each of the Gin Mare Botanicals are independently macerated distilled before being bought together.
  • The citrus elements of Gin Mare go through the longest process and are a blend of lemons and sweet bitter oranges from Sevilla Valencia that are peeled by hand and macerated for 12 months in small aluminium tanks.
  • The balance of Gin Mare’s more traditional ingredients along with the olives, basil, thyme rosemary, account for its markedly different aromatic profile when compare with other gins. The added benefit of the extra aromatic botanicals enables us to pair Gin Mare with many more food and drink combinations that others.
  • Gin Mare offers a unique Mediterranean and more savory flavor profile versus other Gin brands, for those seeking something more citrus Gin Mare Capri delivers this.
  • Gin Mare is currently the No 5 Super Premium Gin in Volume and the No 3 Super Premium + Gin In Value Gin Mare also performs as the No 1 Ultra Premium Gin in Volume No 2 in Value.