PATRÓN redefines prestige tequila with the latest addition of PATRÓN EL CIELO to its global portfolio, the first four-times distilled prestige tequila in the world.

Patrón El Cielo is a simply perfect tequila meant to be shared and enjoyed together.
Pairing traditional craftsmanship with modern ingenuity, this 100% Weber Blue agave tequila is passionately handcrafted by our familia at Hacienda Patrón and distilled four times to unlock the natural sweetness of the agave.
The result is a sophisticated, luxury Silver tequila with a warm sweetness and distinctive aroma and flavor notes of citrus, caramel, vanilla, and butter, with a heavenly smooth finish.
Serve it neat or on the rocks for your big or small celebration moments.


PATRÓN EL CIELO balances complexity with an impressively smooth finish, and with this unaged release, the world’s No. 1 super-premium tequila once again changes the game with a masterful process that redefines silver tequila.
Handcrafted from the highest-quality 100% Weber Blue Agave, PATRÓN EL CIELO is a balance of cooked agave, rich in sweetness and citrus notes. With a light and fresh finish as a result of four distillations, this one-of-a-kind creation is a testament to the countless hours and extraordinary lengths PATRÓN goes to in order to create the highest quality tequila.

Tasting Notes:
With a light and fresh finish, PATRÓN EL CIELO features delicious sweetness and complementary citrus notes.

The PATRÓN core

Patrón tequilas are handcrafted at the Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico where people are the heart of the process – one that has remained the same since the very beginning.
First, skilled jimadors uproot only the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave with the perfect sugar content and transport the heart of the plant to Hacienda Patrón. They’re then hand chopped, baked and crushed by a two-ton volcanic stone tahona wheel and a roller mill. The agave is then fermented in pine oak tanks and distilled in small batches using copper stills. Each bottle of Patrón is a work of art, meticulously inspected, hand corked and signed.