Cod. AMA0005P
Formidabile is a natural bitter liqueur handmade through a process of maceration of aromatic and officinal plants in pure grain alcohol.

Is produced through cold maceration in grain alcohol of various botanicals without the aid of additives, coloring, caramel or any type of synthetic or natural flavor.

The complex bouquet of Amaro Formidabile arises from the combination of herbs, flowers, barks, roots and fruit peels with concentration percentages that are much higher than what is suggested in the literature on the subject. Cinchona, Chinese Rhubarb, Damask rose, Roman Wormwood, Gentian, Bitter Orange Peel, Burdock, Cola Nut, Star Anise and Milk Thistle are just some of the botanicals.

Amaro Formidabile is the only amarowith the vintage statement on the label.
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Tasting notes
Colour: The colour is amber and the choice of the ultra clear glass bottle offers the sight a precious transparency.

Aroma: immediately seems three-dimensional, not attributable to a single sensation: it's citrusy, slightly smoky, particular, of coconutine and roasted cocoa beans.

Consistency: silky, embracing, warm, almost chewable.

Taste: incredibly polyphonic in the mouth: the sensations evolve almost simultaneously, although they keep their individual characteristics.The top note is aromatic, with a taste of the peel of the three types of citrus and of aniseed joined by a spicy, herbaceous and warm heart of carnation and coriander, mugwort and muscat rose. The base is toasted, woody, oriental, evocative of super concentrated botanicals. You get the curious sensation of recognizing elements that are totally absent such as licorice, bitter almond or coffee bean covered with dark chocolate.

Finish: very long and deep: the incensed and bitter notes are unforgettable in a persistent memory of rhubarb candy. With a long after taste that lasts several minutes and leaves a clean and smooth mouth feel.
Consumption tips
Amaro Formidabile should be served cold, strictly without ice, in small liqueur glasses.
The Formidable:
45 ml Formidabile Amaro,
15 ml Cynar
22,5 ml lime juice
Tonic water
Method: shake & strain into a tumbler glass, top with tonic and garnish with a lime slice.
Formidabile Negroni:
30 ml Formidabile Amaro
30 ml London Dry Gin
30 ml Sweet Vermouth
Method: pour all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Mix until the liquid becomes cold. Strain into a Negroni glass and garnish with an orange slice.
Product history
In 2015, Armando Bomba, creator of Formidabile, makes the first production in San Basilio, Rome. In 2018, Formidabile finds its group of devoted aficionados in Rome and receives the first prestigious award in Bruxelles. In 2019 Formidabile is appreciatedin Italy's trendiest restaurants and cocktail bars. Another prestigious Gold medal is awarded. In 2021 Pallini acquired Formidabile and as today it is safekeeping the artisanal production process designed by Armando Bomba.