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Campari is more than a premium spirit obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants, fruit and water, it is a drinking experience. With its vibrant red colour, intense aroma and inspiring flavour, it has always been a symbol of intrigue andpleasure for the taste.
Multilayered and sophisticated icon like Milano, its hometown. A multifaceted, leadingedge city, modern and historic at the same time, classical and avant-garde, entrepreneurial, pleasure-loving and creative.
That's why it has been a source of passionate inspiration since 1860, when its founders' creative genius invented the inimitable and secret recipe that has never changed in time and makes Campari an extremely versatile spirit, offering limitless and unexpected possibilities to create and experiment with mixology.
It's an essential ingredient for a variety of well-known and loved classic cocktails, like Negroni and Americano â€" both listed in the IBA official drinks list. Moreover, it fits well in easy mixed cocails such as Campari Spritz and Campari Tonic, characterising them, thanks to its intriguing and unmistakable taste.

Enjoy Campari responsibly
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Tasting notes
APPEARANCE: Unmistakably bright red
NOSE: Orange peel combined with complex aromatic herbs
PALATE: Pleasantly bittersweet, intense orange hints balanced with unique herbal and roots notes. Velvety and rounded texture.
AFTER TASTE: Persistent pleasant typical herbal bitterness
Consumption tips
Negroni - A true classic, standing the test of time since 1919.
Dating back to Florence in 1919, The Negroni cocktail is said to have been created by Fosco Scarselli in his bar, Café Casoni, after the renowned Count Camilo Negroni asked him to strenthen his favourite cocktail â€" the Americano â€" by replacing soda water in his glass with a splash of gin. Scarselli added an orange slice as garnish, rather than the usual lemon twist, and from this moment on, the Negroni was born.
The original Negroni recipe, the perfectly balanced combination of equal parts of Campari, Red Vermouth and London Dry gin, is over a century old and continues to be enjoyed today.
The International Bartenders Association (IBA) lists Campari as an official ingredient of the Negroni, and thus, there is no Negroni without Campari.
- 1 part (1oz, 3cl) Campari
- 1 part (1oz, 3cl) Gin (Campari recommends BULLDOG Dry Gin)
- 1 part (1oz, 3cl) Sweet Vermouth (Campari recommends 1757 Vermouthdi Torino Rosso)
How to make it: Pour all ingredients directly into a rock glass filled with ice Garnish with a slice of orange.