Cod. APE0065
Do you know #1 non-alcoholic Aperitivo in Italy*? No? It's Crodino!
Crodino Biondo is a surprisingly rich, multi-layered aperitif drink closed in a single-serve bottle.
Crodino Biondo's unique bittersweet taste, with intense aromatic notes, isachieved thanks to up to 6 months infusion process and using top-quality herbs, spices, woods and roots, hailing from all parts of the world. Each sip of Crodino Biondo unveils a full array of tastes and fragrances, mixed with expertise, according to theoriginal, highly classified recipe, which has remained unchanged since 1965.
Thanks to a modern, beautifully designed, convenient single-serve bottle, Crodino Biondo is ready to drink whenever you're ready and brings together non-alcoholic and alcoholic worlds. Pour Crodino Biondo into a glass filled with ice and add an orange slice to exalt citrus and fruity notes and the spicy flavour. Match this unique non-alcoholic drink with small and tasty bites, such as tea sandwiches, tapas, cheese slices, or cold meat.
Enjoy a genuine Italian Aperitivo experience with your friends. Stay yourself and always be a part of the group!
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