Cod. GIN0345B
From the makers of Amarula Cream Liqueur, introducing Amarula African Gin, the only gin made with real wild Marula Fruit spirit. £1 per every litre sold goes to the Amarula Trust to support local communities, people empowerment and elephant conservation.
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Tasting notes
Taste profile:
Nose: Fruity floral with zesty notes of fresh citrus, toasted almond and a slight spiciness.
Palate: Beautifully sweet palate, dried flowers, nut mix and a subtle spice.
Finish: Lingering sweet finish.
Consumption tips
Versatile for mixing. Try it with Indian tonic,a grapefruit slice for the ultimate G&T.
Recipe GIN AMARULA6X0,7L 43°

A light, delicate, refreshing and deceptively simple cocktail that is sure to become a firm favourite with everyone. Amarula Gin brings warm orange notes and a delayed peppery tingle to enhance the sweet freshness of watermelon.

50ml Amarula Gin
20ml Lime juice
10ml Gomme
100g Watermelon
50g Ice cubes
Watermelon wedge to garnish

Add all ingredients (including ice) to a food processor
Blitz for 2/3 seconds
The watermelon blitzes almost instantly, no need to overdo it or to remove the seeds
Double strain to chilled coupe
Product history
The story of Amarula is closely intertwined with the summer migrations of majestic African elephants which take them past the wild marula trees of the South African Savannah. This is when the fruit falls, ripe, golden, and delicious beneath the branches of this sacred tree.
In 1983, we initially started bottling a clear spirit from the marula fruit for the general consumer market. However, it was only six years later, in September 1989, that Amarula embarked on its journey to becoming a global phenomenon. This transformation happened with the addition of cream to our recipe, creating a uniquely exotic cream liqueur -the only one made with real marula fruit. This exquisite liqueur is now enjoyed in over 100 countries around the world.
Our enduring connection with the elephants, who revealed the secret of the marula fruit, continues to this day. This special relationship is honouredwith an image of the iconic bull elephant from the Jabulani herd, Sebakwe, featured on the Amarula label.