GIN GOLD 99 6X0,7L 40°

GIN GOLD 99 6X0,7L 40°

Cod. GIN0239
Boodles British Gin is the softest of the London Dry gins, made with labour and patience for those who seek an approachable, adaptable and clever flavour.
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Tasting notes
Nose : Fresh citrus, juniper. Palate : Well-balanced herbal and spice flavours with notes of rosemary, nutmeg and sage. Finish : Warm & clean.
Consumption tips
Boodles & tonic
Boodles Club :
25ml Boodles Original Dry
25ml Boodles Mulberry
25ml Fresh Lemon Juice
15ml Sugar Syrup
Small Handful of Raspberries
1x Whole Egg White
DIRECTIONS: Add all ingredients without ice into Shaker, Shake hard,add ice then shake again (Dry-Shake then Wet-Shake). Double-Strain into glass. Garnish with lemon peel and rasberries.
Product history
The brand was developed in the 1950s or 60s under a license from the Boodles Club in London, founded in 1762 by the Earl of Shelburne, later the Marquess of Lansdowne and Prime Minister. The club, which is 250 years old this year, was named after its headwaiter, Edward Boodle.