GIN MARE 6X1L 42,7°

GIN MARE 6X1L 42,7°

Cod. GIN0051
Gin Mare is a gin made using traditional Mediterranean techniques.With a delicate maceration and a separate distillation of rosemary, basil, thyme and arbequina olive.
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Tasting notes
â-ª Aroma: Balanced between notes of juniper and the herbaceous notes derived from the thyme and rosemary. A hint of pine nicely balanced with aromas from basil and the Arbequina olives.
â-ª Flavor: Full bodied. Notes of juniper together with expressof fresh coriander, evolve quickly to spicier notes originating from the thyme, rosemary, and basil.
â-ª Finish: Long and delicious aftertaste where the prevalence of the tasting notes of the Arbequina olives in balance with the cardamom and the bas. Opens the appetite.
Product history
In a sea of gins, Gin Mare stands out by being the first ever to be inspired by the Mediterranean. Launched in 2010, the brand has managed to distill, bottle, and export the very essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle that is so beloved and envied: the gastronomy, the climate, the land, the sea, and the enjoyment of every moment, known as Mare Nostrum- â€oour sea.â€_ In the last decade, Gin Mare has grown exponentially and earned its place within the top three bestselling super premium gins worldwide withtribution in more than 80 countries, arriving in the US in 2016.