Cod. GIN0241
Mrs Millicent is a new wave gin, a mix of juniper with numerous fruits
and spices. Discover the aromas and flavours of cardamom, orange,
bergamot and other secret ingredients and spices. Fresh and unique
character, in perfect balance despite its complexity. Botanical, citrus
nature means it's great alone but it can also be an exciting component
of cocktails too
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Tasting notes
The aroma and flavour of the gin are easy to recognise when tasted on its own at room temperature, with an intense, initially spicy aroma that gives way to citrus (orange is easily recognisable) and floral (lavender is the most prevalent) notes. The flavour is very balsamic, more powerful than the others, but once swallowed, the spices and citrus take over and leave a pleasant, balanced taste in the mouth.
Consumption tips
Tasting with tonic underscores the other characteristics of the gin, showcasing the full beauty of the drink. Those who like a dry taste will appreciate Indian-style tonic pairings, to those who gravitate towards citrusy flavours and freshness, the Mediterranean style is recommended, and finally, those desiring a softer gin and tonic, without the bitter taste of tonic and looking for a slightly sweeter but more balanced flavour, will be pleased with the combination of acqua brillante.
Product history
The Mrs Millicent brand is named after a particularly popular
cult novel by Antal Szerb, Utas €¸s holdvil€­ga. We borrowed the
figure and continued the story. Mrs Millicent had already a
great deal of experience but had not learnt a lot abothe
seriousness of life. After her study tour in Italy she returned to
America and threw herself into the thick of it; she opened a
secret private bar where only those with the password may
enter, like during the time of prohibition of alcohol.
Mrs Millicent gin carries the character of the woman in the
novel: fresh, natural, explosive, effortlessly elegant and
In the brand communication we reinforce this special
character, with a touch of audaciousness.