Cod. GIN0240
Nordes is Galicia's very own premium gin, which was created as a celebration of its native land and has quickly become a revolutionary gin, taking the familiar to the next level with its authentic feel and exquisite flavour.
Part of what makes NordesGin so unique is its base spirit, made using albarino grapes. As well as 6 botanicals which grow wild in Galicia, it also has 5 which are sourced overseas, each one macerated separately until the exact aroma is achieved. We take our time to make it, so take your time to savour it.
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Tasting notes
Nordes is Galicia in a bottle. One of its secrets lies in the albarino grape, which is used for its base spirit, something which gives it a smooth aroma with notes of fruit and white flowers. It also has 11 botanicals, 6 of which grow wild in Galicia andgive it its fresh, balsamic character. The result is a well-balanced flavour which puts it firmly amongst the very best premium gins around, and makes it the perfect treat for enjoying in good company.
Recipe GIN NORDES 1X3L 40°
Make yourself a Nordesino

Difficulty: low
Preparation time: 3 minutes

- Ice
- 25 ml Nordés
- 50 ml albarino wine
- 100 ml tonic water (preferably regular)
- 1 strip of lemon peel
- 1 wite grape skewer

- Fill your Nordesino glass with plenty of ice
- Pour 25 ml of Nordes gin into it
- Add 50 ml of albarino wine
- Carefully stir
- Add 100 ml of regular tonic water
- For the perfectionists amongst us: add a twist of lemon peel
- And as a special finish touch, garnish with a skewer with 3 white grapes
Product history
Nordes is Galecia's very own premium gin.
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