Cod. LIQ0103
Made from the infusion of the Amalfi Sfusato IGP lemon peels, Pallini Limoncello is known to be the finest in the world. Lemons are grown on the lush hillsides of the Amalfi Coast and hand-picked for ideal flavor and ripeness. After picking, lemons areimmediately transported to our distillery in Rome enabling us to preserve the pure and intensely fragrant zest. Crafted according to a family recipe that dates back over 00 years, Pallini Limoncello's taste is zesty, tangy, fresh and crisp, the purest essence of Italy.
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Tasting notes
Pallini Limoncello is characterized by an open nose, a steady development and a citrus/zest character. The taste Medium sweetness, full-bodied, high intensity of flavour, chewy mouthfeel, fresh lemon/zest mouthfeel, balanced alcohol, medium complex finish.
Consumption tips
Pallini Limoncello is the perfect digestif, served neat at the end of a meal the way they do it in Italy.
Pallini Limoncello is extremely versatile, enjoyable straight from the freezer, on the rocks, or mixed into countless cocktails.
Pallini Spritz:
1 oz Pallini Limoncello
2 oz Sparkling Water
3 oz Prosecco.
Method: add all ingredients in a large wine glass filled with ice and garnish with orange peel.
Pallini Lemon Bitter:
1 1/2 oz. Pallini Limoncello
1/4 lemon
Tonic water
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
Method: muddle the lemon in a highball glass. Fill the glass with ice and add Pallini Limoncello. Top with tonic water and two dashes of bitters. Garnish with a lemon slice.
Product history
The story of Pallini Limoncello began in 1875 in the small village of Antrodoco, where Nicola Pallini started a family business. In 1917, the business was moved to the very heart of Rome, where it continued to grow and build a reputation for handcrafting fine, high quality spirits.

Today, Pallini continues to craft this crisp, refreshing lemon liqueur from the authentic family recipe created over 100 years ago-a true Italian masterpiece.