Cod. LIQ0146
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Tasting notes
CASANIS is a pastis from Marseille made from the distillation of green anise and star anise, giving it a light and floral nose and a subtle taste. Created in Corsica, in Bastia, by Emmanuel Casabianca, CASANIS pastis continues its history in Marseille, thus explaining the double coat of arms that adorns its label!
This unique recipe that gives CASANIS its beautiful straw yellow color, its light and floral nose, as well as its fresh, subtle and so recognizable taste of green anise.
Consumption tips
Although typically just diluted with water, it also mixed into cocktails.
Marseille Mule
Combine the spices of pastis with ginger beer to produce a richly invigorating cocktail!

It requires the following ingredients:
30 ml (1 Oz) Pastis
Ginger Beer To Taste
Cut the like into quarters andcrush them into the base of a tumbler glass. Add the pastis and fill the glass with ice. Top up with ginger beer to taste and garnish with a lime twist.
Product history
1895: Jean Bernardin Casabianca, originally from Sollacaro in Corsica, creates a wine and spirits company.
1922: His son, Emmanuel, takes over the family business
1925: Emmanuel Casabianca creates the CASANIS company in Bastia.
1942: The CASANIS production site is destroyed by the bombardments of the Second World War. The founder then decided to settle in Marseille to pursue the development of his company. This dual origin is now symbolized by the two coats of arms present on the label of CASANIS bottles.
Since 1942: the brand has never ceased to exist, remaining faithful to its heritage and its identity.
CASANIS comes from the contraction between the name of its founder "CASABIANCA" and the word "ANIS"