Cod. TEQ0005
The World's #1 tequila brand from the most awarded family of tequilas. Beginning in Tequila, Mexico over 200 years ago Jose Antonio de Cuervo acquired land located in the rich lava fields of the Tequila volcano from the king of Spain. His purpose was to cultivate the sacred plant indigenous to those mineral-rich lands - the Blue Agave - and to create a fine, unique spirit: Tequila Cuervo. Cuervo Especial Reposado is a golden-style joven tequila made from a blend of reposado (aged) and younger tequilas. Cuervo Gold's story includes the leading role in the invention of The Margarita, and it is still the perfect tequila for that beloved cocktail. A true taste of Mexico
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Tasting notes
Nose: Light touch of American white oak (toasted), cooked agave notes, vanilla, slightly fruity and a pleasant herbal and spiced finish. Palate: Sweet, subtle agave, hint of oak and vanilla. Finish: Well balanced, short and smooth.
Consumption tips
Delicious as a shot, in a margarita, or in other cocktails
Product history
In 1758, Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo was granted permission from the king of Spain to cultivate and harvest the blue agave plant in the Jalisco region of Mexico. His family founded the Taberno de Cuervo and began using the blue agave plant, which retains water, in a distilling process. Today, the 11th generation of the family still runs the business.