Cod. TEQ0066
HERRADURA SILVER is matured in American White Oak barrels produced in our own cooperage. Aged for a total of 45 days creating a smooth taste with a light straw color. Since 1870, Herradura Silver has maintained its reputation as one of finest tequilas inthe world.
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Tasting notes
TASTE: Sweet, woody flavor

AROMA: Robust. Full of fruit and cooked agave
with vanilla and wood notes from barrel-aging

COLOR: Light straw

FINISH: Smooth and refreshing
Product history
Tequila Herradura's long-standing legacy of craftsmanship dates back to 1870 with every step of the process taking place at Casa Herradura.
The process begins in our own fields of over 18 million Blue Weber agave plants which have been propagated forover 140 years from the original agave grown at Casa Herradura. Our respected Jimadores harvest only the most mature plants which are seven to ten years of age.
The pinas are brought in from the fields and stacked in our clay ovens and steamed usingthe traditional method for up to 26 hours. Cooked pinas are then crushed to extract the rich sugary juice or "mosto." The "mosto" is moved to tanks for the natural fermentation process.
Unlike most other tequila producers, Tequila Herradura uses only the airborne yeasts from our surrounding fruit trees to ferment the mosto. This natural fermentation process takes a full four days. Fermented juices are then distilled twice in our stainless pot stills. The first distillation takes 3 1/2 hours, and the second takes 5 hours, with the heads and tails cut from each.
The resulting tequila is then matured in American white oaks barrels and estate bottled.