Cod. WHI0526
The Epicurean Global Travellers' Edition is packaged in a 1 litre bottle and features a bespoke, travel inspired gift tube. Representing the ultimate distillation of The Lowlands and offered proudly at 48% alcohol strength, without colouring or chill-filtration. This elegant dram teases delicate notes of zesty citrus, freshly cut grass and burnt sugar.
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Tasting notes
Nose: You can bet on a nose that is barley-rich, citric, floral and herbal.

Palate: The mouth-coatingly sweet palate displays crunched sugar, burnt citrus, mixed spices, thyme, peaches and hard candy.

Finish: All charmingly underpinned and enriched in the finish with more of that earlier herbal character, in a gristy style with almonds, cut grass and burnt sugar.
Consumption tips
Complement a dram of The Epicurean's light, grassy spirit with delicious home baking. The sugary sweetness of tantalisingly tasty treats perfectly enhance the Whisky's delightfully citric flavours!

The Horse's Neck Cocktail:
Add cubed iceand 3 dashes of bitters to a tall glass. Curl a long loopy lemon twist around the inside. Combine 1 part The Epicurean with 3 parts premium ginger ale. Stir, serve and sip on a remarkably refreshing highball!
The Epicurean is a blend of some of the finest Lowland Malts; a marriage of the best that the East and the West of Scotland have to offer. This small batch bottling is proudly without colouring or chill-filtration
Product history
It all began in 2009 with Big Peat; a marriage of Single Cask Single Malts only from Islay. Then followed Scallywag in 2013 (Speyside), Timorous Beastie in 2014 (Highlands), Rock Island in 2015 (Islands), The Epicurean in 2016 (Lowlands), and finally TheGauldrons in 2017 (Campbeltown).