Cod. WHI0480
The ocean is known as source of life, the ever-green pine tree is known as the symbol of life in Japan with its endurance to harsh conditions (sea salt spray & wind). Matsu - Pine tree - is planted in coastlines to protect against ocean erosion and tsunamis and has a special place in the heart of Japanese culture. To honor the life-giving ocean and the long-living pine tree that graces the coasts of Japan, we blended filtered desalinated ocean-water from depths of the Pacific Ocean with Japanese ocean-side distilled malt whiskies and grain whiskies from abroad after finishing our curation in Japanese Pine barrels! This unique production process gave name to our whisky its name UMIKI…… whereby UMI means OCEAN and KI means TREE in Japanese
Umiki Whs unique production technique gives a sea breeze on the nose, a soothing freshness in the finish to our whisky. Our design inspired by the water and tree circle aged lines. We blend these visuals like our Ocean Fused Whisky UMIKI.
Water scarcity isa global problem affecting people's wellbeing. Desalinating seawater was listed among the top solutions to water scarcity by experts at the 2021 World Economic Forum. With UMIKI, we are proud to pioneer sustainable production in the beverages industry and to promote a solution to water scarcity. UMIKI will continue to inspire and share the value of living in harmony with our beautiful planet through its life time.
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Tasting notes
Nose: A hint of sea breeze and sweet floral and sea weed notes on the nose
Palate: Soothing freshness on the palate with hints of mint
Finish: Long and burst of heather honey smooth finish at the end.