Cod. VIN0064
Cannonau is the King, the Prince and the Vassallo of Sardinia... its origin is controversial and the daughter of a thousand bell towers. A thousand theories never con- firmed that give it as imported by the Spaniards on the island during their dominion around 1400 and instead the studies confirmed and only quietly disclosed on Cannonau seeds found in a nuraghe and dated 1200 BC which confirm its Sardinian origin, true.It is certainly part of the Grenache grape family, but it is certainly different from stating that it is the father-family just as it is true that all children are unique and never the same. Centosere is Cannonau di Sardegna, son of Sardinia, proud, strong and at the same time gentle and elegant, determined. It makes you slowly discover thescents of Myrtle, a walk in the woods of Sardinia, a berry of strawberry tree and that sudden gust of wind full of salt from the sea, which on the island is never far away, which pricks your nose like the black pepper and that comes to you even when youare up in the mountains. Centosere is a gentleman, a gentleman in an evening dress who accompanies you around the world, capable of sharing an important and elegant evening with you and others ... Centosere is a gentleman who, proud, at a table overlooking the Eiffel Tower of Paris or Central Park, he answers firmly â€oYesâ€_ when asked â€oare you Sardinian?â€_.
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Tasting notes
Intense ruby red colour with violet hints, very clear. Very intense, fresh and immediate aroma with notes of ripe red fruits and vegetables. Dry and smooth to the palate, good structure and nose-palate persistence.
Consumption tips
Cold meats starters, main courses with savoury seasonings, white and lean red meat, medium seasoned cheeses. Serve at 16°/18° C. uncorking at least 30 min before pounding.